Thursday, January 15, 2009


if you've ever wondered why you don't or can't work with teenagers, here are some lessons taught to me by my friends and students at All Saint's Cathedral School. Maybe they might be helpful in finding the wall keeping you from formation ministries:
1. Teenagers are bluntly honest 90% of the time (wouldn't life be different if adults operated this way?)
2. Teenagers don't hide their judgments (like adults do, for the sake, they say, of politeness)
3. Teenagers make decisions based on emotions they feel, not logic they think.
4. Teenagers are constantly moving. If you can't keep up, then you're out of the game and ancient history.
5. teenagers will never respect your military, "respect me or else" attitude. You must GIVE respect to get it. This applies to standards, rules, and work ethic. As Ghandi put it: You MUST BE the change you wish to see in the world. Take this attitude and apply to issues of race, gender, orientation...and maybe there might be an answer there for us older people.

And i pray to god that i never run out of the desire to walk along side a teenager and student, if just for a little while.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The gift of sabbath

For the first time in my professional career, i took a vacation "because i was tired." I wasn't frustrated, i wasn't angry, or burnt out...i was just tired.

It was amazing.

Not only because i was able for the first time to honor sabbath, but also because even in the midst of the violence on my street, the angst that flows through the virgin islands, and the challenges faced by a Bishop trying to bring a new vision to an old diocese, i am here only because god called me to be here.

I took a break because it was time for a break from a real call and to become refreshed for my next round of challenges and work.

Today? I was teaching at All Saints School all day. back in the saddle, making plans, and planning trips for the powerhouse visitors i hope to bring here from across the country. and trips to take powerhouse ministers from the virgin islands to let the rest of the country see them.

It was amazing. I miss my family and friends already, but know that without them, i wouldn't be able to be here anyway.