Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ups and downs

Life has a strange way of leading you on a roller coaster. One day, everything is swimming along fine and easy, the next day you're slack-jawed wondering what in the world just happened and why have all the rules suddenly flip flopped.
God calls each of us to walk a journey. A journey with twists and choices and stops and sprints. Our job is not to understand the "why's" of the journey, or to try and plan out our own version of things that makes God's plan obsolete. Our job is to let the occurances and trials of today and yesterday be the testing ground whereby we can go deep into the truest parts of ourselves. It's an inward journey, not external.
I think this is the root of unhappiness and depression and anxiety...that we focus too much on conquering the world in our name and lose track of the real meaning of life: to discover ourselves and grow from what we find. If you work your tail off to build a flash house with bells and gold and marble, and a hurricane comes and tears it to pieces, are you devastated? Why? But if your house is not built of wood and stone, but of experiences, memories, and friends, then no storm of any size can tear it down.
Jesus said, build your treasure in heaven (the spirit) and not on earth (the body).

-- Note to self: get rid of everything I don't need to survive...let God provide the things necessary to thrive.